How to Create a METRADE Account and Link it to Binance

Introduction: Here we explain how to create a METRADE account and successfully link it to your Binance Exchange account. In addition, we will show you how to activate the automatic mode.

Open the METRADE website

Open one of our preferred web browsers e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge and visit the official METRADE website

Once there, click on the appropriate button to the browser you are using. From there you will automatically be taken to the METRADE registration page.

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Registration and login

Start by entering your email address. Then enter a password, which must be at least 8 characters long and should contain both lower and upper case letters, as well as a number and a special character. Accept the “Terms of Condition” and then click the “Continue” button.

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Email address verification

Check your email inbox for an email from METRADE with a verification code. Copy this code from the mail STR+C and paste it on the METARDE App page STR+V to complete the verification of your email.

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Login and password

Return to the METRADE app and enter your registered email address followed by your password. Click “Login” to access your MATRADE account.

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Home screen

You will be shown general information about METRADE’s features after the initial setup. Here you will also find information about the 30-day free trial period that allows you to use Metrade’s features for free. Read this information carefully to get the most out of your trial period. But for now click on the “Connect Binance Exchange” disclaimer to get started.

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Link the Binance Exchange account.

You will be asked if you already have an account with Binance. If you already have an account, which we assume you do, follow the rest of the steps. If not, first create an account with Binance and remember your login credentials. To create a Binance account click here:

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Create a new API connection

To link your METRADE account to your Binance Exchange account, click on “Create API” under the API Management tab in your Binance account.

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Enable Spot and Margin Trading

After you have successfully created the API connection, click “Edit Restrictions”.

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Saving the changes

To finally save the changes, another verification via email and SMS or Face ID is required.

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Entering the API Key and Secret Key in METRADE

After re-verification, you can use the generated API key and Secret Key. Copy this key and switch back to your METRADE account. Paste the API key and Secret Keys into the appropriate fields on the METRADE app to establish the connection.

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Connection successfully established

After you have entered the API key and Secret Keys, you will see a confirmation that your connection between METRADE and Binance Exchange has been successfully established. You can now make full use of METRADE.

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Activate the Automatic Mode

Activate the automatic mode by setting the “Automatic Mode” button to “on”. The button is now highlighted in green.

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Set the Amount per Trade

After you have activated the Automatic Mode, you have the possibility to set the Amount per Trade. Enter the desired amount you want to invest per trade. Make sure that the amount matches your personal preferences and risk appetite.

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Save the settings

Click on “Save” to save your settings for Automatic Mode and Amount per Trade.

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Enjoy fully automated trading

You did it! Now enjoy fully automated trading with METRADE.

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