How does it work?

NO ONE pays for our service until they see a 10% profit.


  •  We offer you a FREE test for 30 days.
  •  A professional crypto trading team will trade for you.
  •  Our team can produce 10% profit over and over again.
  •  Your funds are safe. They are held in your own personal account on Binance or Bitget (more exchanges will follow).
  •  Connect the exchange and START Auto Trading.
  •  For testing, you need min. 1000 (USDT).


  •  We give you 10% profit – you pay us $25.
  •  Next time we give you 10% profit – you pay $25 again.
  •  If we do not produce a 10% profit – you will never pay for our service.

We combine the best features of crypto

Simple handling

Simple handling

Enhances user satisfaction by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Exchange API Support

Exchange API Support

Ensures prompt assistance and guidance in addressing any issues.

Portfolio Statistics

Portfolio Statistics

Valuable insights into investment performance.

Account Monitoring

Account Monitoring

Ensuring users maintain control over their digital presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to create your METRADE account, and successfully link it to an EXISTING crypto exchange account like

In addition, we will demonstrate the onboarding process, and how to START Automatic Trade.

Click on Register to be forwarded to the registration page.

Select your country, add your e-mail address and choose your password.

The password must have at least 8 characters, and needs to contain at least 1 number, lowercase letter(s), uppercase letter(s)
and a special character.

Afterwards please agree to our Terms and Conditions, then press Create Account. You will now receive a confirmation mail.

Press the blue Verify your email address button which leads you the the verification page. Now please confirm one more time.

Afterwards you can log in to your METRADE account.