Introduction: Learn how to create your METRADE account, and successfully link it to an EXISTING crypto exchange account like

In addition, we will demonstrate the onboarding process, and how to START Automatic Trade.

Click on Register to be forwarded to the registration page.

Select your country, add your e-mail address and choose your password.

The password must have at least 8 characters, and needs to contain at least 1 number, lowercase letter(s), uppercase letter(s)
and a special character.

Afterwards please agree to our Terms and Conditions, then press Create Account. You will now receive a confirmation mail.

Press the blue Verify your email address button which leads you the the verification page. Now please confirm one more time.

Afterwards you can log in to your METRADE account.

You may now log in to your account.

With the initial login, you will be transferred to the Onboarding Page, displaying the available exchanges in your country.
To start the 30-days- free- trial you need to connect your respective exchange account with METRADE.

To connect the Binance Exchange with METRADE you need to create the API Keys in your Binance Account.

Please find the Video link on how to create the API Keys on Binance:

  1. After creating the API Keys on the Binance Account please enable FUTURE in the API. While doing so please copy the white listed IP-Addresses from METRADE and paste in Binance, as demonstrated in the video.
  2. Now that you have created the API Keys, you may now copy and paste to your METRADE account.
  3. Please select the amount of USDT you wish to activate for the AUTOMATIC TRADE.
  4. To activate AUTOMATIC TRADE please press the SAVE button and START TRIAL. A screen will popup requiring your agreeing to the API configuration
    Leverage 1. While confirming, the system will connect your Binance Account with METRADE.

How to create the API Keys on Binance https://youtu.be/GG9NKIoTL58 :

  1. The amount in USDT you have chosen to activate the AUTOMATIC TRADE
  2. The amount of actual trades invested
  3. The amount in USDT which are blocked for waiting orders
  4. Your referral link to share the METRADE App with your friends (with 10 recommended active users you receive 1 free 10% period).
  5. The amount of your net profit / loss calculated on your Automatic Trade (different views available).
  6. Display of last 3 trades (select Active, Profit and Loss: when pressing on more, the entire history of all trades will be shown
  7. Press the button, and display a detailed view of the trade

  1. Your connected Exchange is displayed (to disconnect press the according button)
  2. Your currently available USDT in your FUTURE Wallet account
  3. Choose the option to display: All, Active, Profit or Loss trades.
  4. Press the button, to be able to see a detailed view of the trade

  1. The trade and invested coin is displayed, as well as how much of your amount has been used for this trade
  2. Note the target price and the kind of Signal (long or short). ACTIVE means the signal is running, PROFIT means the signal is closed with profit,
    whereas LOSS = the signal is closed with loss.
  3. See the net profit / loss calculated on your activated automatic trade amount.
  4. Here you can see the live chart of the trade.
  5. Here you can see the time stamps when the trade was open and closed.
  6. Important trade information is displayed, as well as the purchasing price, the quantiy, the invested amount in this trade, take profit-and stop loss price, and the actual selling price and you can see live the signal Profit/Loss to the real invested USDT in this trade.

In this section, can START & STOP the Automatic Trade, change your password or even delete your account.

Setting: Appearance.

Select light, dark or system mode/view.

Setting: Documents

See all your important documents

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